New Releases for 12/25/14

New Releases for 12/25/14

Unbroken- Directed by Angelina Jolie(yeah, she is a director now.) It is the inspiring true story about an Olympic runner,Louis Zamperini who survived a plane crash, being lost at sea, and a Japanese P.O.W. Camp in World War Two. The Coen Brothers wrote it so it can’t be too terrible, but the ending may be strange. (What is it with the Coen brothers and endings?)

Into the Woods– Disney’s latest live-action movie inspired by their fairy-tales. It has lots of music, laughs, and enchanting characters. If you like your Disney films to have magic and whimsy, then this is your Christmas day movie. Stars Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, Emily Blunt, James Corden,  and even Tracey Ullman.

Selma– Tough to do historical films right. I’m a big fan of Martin Luther King Jr. and what he did in his life along with many of the principles he spoke of. So, I hope this is very good and interesting.

Big Eyes– A biopic/drama about the true story Margaret Keane and her legal battles against her husband, Walter. Directed by Tim Burton and starring Amy Adams as Margaret.

The Gambler– A crime/thriller starring Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman, and Jessica Lange. It may not be the best and most original crime film you see, but it looks to be above average in content. If you enjoy crime films, you will likely have a good time at this one.

American Sniper – Another movie based on the true story of Navy Seal sniper, Chris Kyle. It talks about his work on the battlefield saving lives and making crucial decisions, all the while trying to connect and be there for his family. I like that it dives into the difficulties that our military men sometimes must face mentally, emotionally, and physically. I hope it leans more on the aspect of what this man had to deal with rather than glorifying his occupation. Make no mistake, his occupation is unfortunately required, but best job ever? (Not so much) Starring Bradley Cooper and directed by Clint Eastwood.

The Interview – I mentioned earlier in my December movies how I found this film to be in bad taste. I stand by that thought. However, I absolutely feel it should be released. Just because I dislike the content of a movie, doesn’t mean it should be wiped away. (If that were the case Lucy, Grown Ups 2, and all of Twilight would be long gone.)For those that see it, wherever and however. I hope that you enjoy the movie. Check out my movie review of The Interview (


A Most Violent Year-Action/Crime/Drama- Looks to be a decent crime movie. I find it’s release date a bit odd. (A day before the worst time in the movie year.) I’m hopeful it will be good, but I have my doubts.  Worth investigating if you like crime films.


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