Spiderman 2 and More

Part Eight in my superhero series.

Spider-Man 2 (2004) I consider to be the best Spider-Man movie ever made.  I know I’ve ripped on Tobey Mcguire a little bit (or a lot) for his portrayal as Peter Parker, but there could have been worse (Like any actor from Twilight). This movie has a little bit of everything from the personal struggles that Peter Parker deals with (especially romantic) to a very formidable villain in Doc Ock played by Alfred Molina. I thought Molina was brilliant as that character. The movie also was considerably darker than the first film which was a very good thing.  It still knew that it was a comic book film that could have jokes and quirky humor, but took itself a bit more serious and a villain I could take more serious.  (If only they didn’t botch the next one.)

The acting was solid, the villain was exceptional. I liked the dynamics between Mary Jane and Peter Parker and the darker tone. Was so excited for what would could come next especially if they tapped some more of Spidey’s awesome villains.

Spider-Man 3 (2007) What the hell was this?  You had a good formula going and were introducing the most awesome of Spider-Man villains with Venom.  How do you screw this movie up?  Instead you make the main villain….Sandman? You have a movie with Venom in it and instead of working with that, you barely give him screen time. Then we get emo Peter Parker dancing in a jazz club and acting really creepy in general. If I wanted to watch an emo teen with unusual abilities I’d watched Donnie Darko (that plane engine had more screen time than Venom).  This movie had potential to win me over and make Spider-Man cool as he should be, but they failed miserably. (You made a bad movie and should feel bad!), This movie just angers me because of what could have been.

Which is your favorite Spider-Man film?

What would you have done differently with Spider-Man 3?


3 thoughts on “Spiderman 2 and More

  1. Spider-Man 2 was by far the best of all the films. It had everything you want from a comic film. Alfred Molina was terrific as Doc Oc as well. Spider-Man 3 was a flaming bag of crap…i mean really atrociously bad…

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