New Releases for 12/19/14

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb– IMDB Rating 7.1 I’m somewhat curious about this one. I enjoyed the original movie. It had a good message which supported education of history. The second one was over the top bull that made me shake my head in dismay to the point I got dizzy. This third one looks to be a combination of the first two. There may be some neat lessons to be shared, but we aren’t going to see anything new from this franchise. The movie has a talented cast featuring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Sir Ben Kingsley, Owen Wilson, Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney, Ricky Gervais, and Rebel Wilson. Ultimately, I think this movie could be mildly entertaining for children and pleasant enough for adults, but fail to bring anything profound or exceptional to us.

Annie– IMDB rating- 4.5 This is yet another movie that didn’t need to be made. Someone in a studio far away said, “There aren’t enough generic children movies coming out in the end of the year. Let’s do something about that.” So now we have this. I won’t bash the actors in this movie, but I don’t see anything special about it. There are numerous other Annie adaptations and inspirations that would likely be worth your time. Again, sometimes you can see that a movie bad before it comes out. This was one of those movies that I knew wouldn’t be good and from the looks of it I was completely right.


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