A Look Back- May 2014

The Movie Guy and Friends

While we had some pretty big movies in April. It is the month of May that starts off the summer blockbuster movie season.

Neighbors-The year isn’t over yet, but this may easily be the comedy of the year. (Not much competition) Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are great together in this film.  Rogen does what he always does; he plays himself basically.  Efron however has some range and we get to see it in this movie. Efron knows what works and it does well in this movie.  This movie was raunchy, but it kept me laughing. What set the movie apart from other raunchy comedies was that it had heart at times. Especially with Efron’s character having to come to terms with facts about life.

The Amazing Spiderman 2– A lot of people really hated this movie and although it made a good chunk of money, it…

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