Scrooged (1988)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director Richard Donner

Starring: Bill Murray, Bobcat Goldthwait Scrooged_film_poster.JPG

Scrooged is a comedic retelling of the classic Dickens’ tale, “A Christmas Carol”.  This version brings the story into the modern age (modern in this case being 1988).  It is one of my favorite Christmas movies and I always laugh at certain parts whenever i watch it. Bill Murray is his brilliant eccentric self as Frank Cross, a heartless television executive.who will be met by three spirits which will offer lessons for him on Christmas Eve.

The movie understands that it is a holiday flick. It doesn’t try to do anymore than what is required. Billy Murray does great work, the comedy often hits right, but it takes itself just serious enough to add a little heart into the movie. As for modern Christmas movies, you may be hard-pressed to find a better movie.


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