My Top Ten Favorite Movies from the 1940s.

My Favorite Films From the 1940’s.
Not even going to explain these one too much because they are my favorites. All these films are good in my book. I hope you like them too or will check them out for yourselves.

Arsenic and Old Lace – One of the greatest comedies ever created.
It’s a Wonderful Life – A beautiful Christmas movie

Miracle on 34th Street.- A simple, but wonderful Christmas movie.

Treasure of the Sierra Madre – Adventure and great acting propel this story forward.

The Maltese Falcon– A great mystery with great acting.

The Wolf Man – A horror classic that may be a step down from the 1930’s, but still worthy of praise (especially compared to most werewolf movies.)

Foreign Correspondent- One of my favorites by Hitchcock. Still well crafted, wonderfully acted. (Some of his films have aged like milk.)

Casablanca– Bogart is great and this story is not only well done, but a beautiful and heartbreaking romance amid a World War Two setting.

Here Comes Mr. Jordan– The movie is funny still to this day.

The Big Sleep – Humphrey Bogart- I don’t need another reason to like this one. He plays his roles very well and often captivates me.


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