Just For Fun- Recast of Spiderman?

First off, I’m a fan of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. I think his body type and overall acting ability is more fitting of Peter Parker/Spiderman than Tobey McGuire.  I like him and I think he could do great work in another film as Spider-Man.  However, there have been rumors that maybe Spider-Man will get recast. So, for fun I went and did some research on who I thought both physically and talent wise could play Peter Parker/ Spider-Man well.

I always view Spider-Man as fresh, energetic, intelligent, youthful, spindly, but with a strong frame.

#4-Alex Pettyfer- Known for roles in Magic Mike (2012) and Lee Daniels’ The Butler (2013). Alex has the physique to pull off the role of Spider-Man, but I’m sure he can play a nerdier type guy.

#3- Nat Wolff- Most known for his work in the 2014 movie, The Fault in Our Stars. He has the build and I think the talent to pull the role off. He is a bit fresh-faced, but that works for Spider-Man.

#2-Adam Gregory- He’s known mostly for television roles in the Bold and the Beautiful, the new 90210, and had a role in the movie 17 Again (2009).  He certainly has the build at 6’2″ (imdb.com) and I think has the acting range to play a younger superhero figure.

#1- Chace Crawford- Mostly known for his role as Nate Archibald on CW’s Gossip Girl. He has a build for it and the CW has a knack for finding good talent. This guy has the ability to pull off Spider-Man

Who would you cast to play the new Spider-Man? Would you keep Garfield?

Which of my choices do you agree with most?


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