Superhero Movies Part Seven- X-Men 2 and More!

Superhero Movies Part Seven X-Men 2 and More

X2 (X-Men 2)

X2 (2003) is perhaps the best of the trilogy (certainly isn‘t the third one) it brings back the beloved cast of the original featuring: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, and Halle Berry among the bigger names in the movie. Bryan Singer also directs this film. (always good idea to bring the director of the first to direct the second.)  Basically, this is an escalation of events based on what happened in the first one. The two sides have been divided on the mutant question. Magneto and his allies believe mutants are the future of the human race and plan to take over and destroy all who oppose this. Meanwhile Professor X believes that mutant kind and humans and live together in peace. He believes it so much that he will fight to defend these ideas against his old-time friend (frenemy?)  in hopes that he can change his mind. There are also some very big Wolverine issues dealing with what has occurred in his past and the people who created him which links to the main storyline.  (Sets up the best fight in the whole series to date I‘d say.) This movie and it’s predecessor were quite good in establishing the world in which the X-Men live in and some of the social and political commentary of the series in general.

Because these movies aren’t worth a full post. I will talk about them here.
X-Men:The Last Stand (2006)- This movie was not directed by Singer, but rather Brett Ratner (Rush Hour series). The positives are that this movie brings back the cast of the first two which has worked exceptionally well. There is a neat idea behind the movie in that humans have discovered a cure for mutants. I even like Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut (has the best line in the whole movie even).  This moviefalls apart though as they get into the whole Phoenix storyline and absolutely butchers it.  The movie gets very scattered and things escalate quickly into nonsense. There was so much this movie could have been and it failed. It even angered many a loyal X-Men fan.
Spoiler warning- skip the next sentence if you’ve not seen any of the newer X-Men movies. (This movie was so bad that not only did they reboot the franchise, they even made a new movie to negate its very existence.)

Wolverine: Origins (2009)- The character know as Logan/Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman is awesome. I love the character and he has a rich back-story that is worthy of its own series of movies.  From a personal standpoint, I can relate with Wolverine more than most X-men.  No, I don’t have claws (I’m not even all that sassy) and I can’t quickly heal from injuries, but I certainly have an eventful past like many of us. Despite all that has happened to him, he never becomes a villain because his heart is too good. (Ultimately he is the bad-ass with a heart of gold.)
However, these movies need to be done right and this wasn’t. When something as simple as the legendary Wolverine claws look cartoonish compared to the three previous movies, then you know things are wrong.  I like what they did in the first two X-men movies. You learn about Logan’s past in bits and pieces. (Also check out the season that is Wolverine and the X-Men) All of these things are better than this movie. I think Ryan Reynolds can play a great Deadpool, but he needs good writers who know and love Deadpool to back him up (watch them try to make a rated PG-13 Deadpool movie.)


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