Superhero Movie Post- Part Six- Spider Man(2002)

Superhero Movies- Part Six- Spider-Man

Spider-Man (2002) was created in a very different style compared to others. It tried to be a comic book film more than a film inspired by a comic book.  That means that the humor, the villains, and costumes weren’t as gritty and the comedy aspect was raised in importance.  The casting of Tobey Mcguire has been a long time controversy of whether or not he was good for the role of Peter Parker. Was he cute enough to play the character?  I suppose he works. His acting ability, it was acceptable as Spider-Man (though increasingly whiny). Never truly caught onto the character the way I hoped. That first movie he did play an awkward teenager very well and his evolution into Spider-Man was done well also. Willem Dafoe was great as the Green Goblin even with his totally over the top costume (cartoony much?).  The roles played by Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane and James Franco as Harry Osbourne; both worked, but never really stood out to me.  I absolutely loved J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, though.  In my opinion, that was the best casting choice of them all and he nailed the character.  The movie is far from bad and sets up for future movies well too, but doesn’t completely give into it (wish Amazing Spider-Man 2 followed that rule).  The movie was very successful even with its lighter tone. It certainly had a couple of dark moments especially at the end which worked well too. (Though I could never take the Green Goblin outfit serious).  Marvel was in the driver’s seat of superhero movies now, even if the movie rights were owned by different companies (Fox,Sony).  My biggest issue with this movie is that I thought Spider-Man was supposed to be clever if not very intelligent. I got the whole geeky vibe in a way of his mannerisms and occupation, but never super intelligent.

In all fairness I am a big time believer in the reboot. (Though far from perfect.) I think Andrew Garfield is a far better version of Spider-Man than Tobey Mcguire. Also Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy I like more than Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane.

Which version of Spider-Man is your favorite? (Cartoon/Comic/Original movies/Reboot)


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