It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)



It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Genre: Drama, Family, Fantasy

Starring: Jimmy Stewar, Lionel Barrymore
Among my favorite Christmas movies ever. Then again, I’m sure many people feel the same way. Especially those people who grew up with the movie or just love good movies in general. This is the kind of Christmas movie that only comes around every so often. Most holiday movies are awful, but the 1940’s brought us several timeless classics and this is one of them.
It’s a Wonderful Life uses two great actors with protagonist (George Bailey) played by Jimmy Stewart and antagonist (Mr. Potter) played Lionel Barrymore.

These two figures couldn’t be more different. (I‘m sure some would now consider this movie a clear case of class warfare.) Mr Potter is wealthy and amoral to the letter. Meanwhile, George Bailey is a dreamer who always sought to have a more glamorous, more educated type of life, but he finds himself stuck in the same town dealing with the same issues for much of his life. Mr. Bailey breaks down after a really lousy day and contemplates suicide. Someone comes to prevent him from achieving this goal and then tries to show him the value of his own life. I love this aspect of it because while being a holiday film, it also presents this question about the value of life and the little choices we make that can have major influences on the people and world around us. This is a powerful movie with a valuable message to anyone. I love this movie and almost every year in December I try to watch it.

What is your favorite Christmas Movie?


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