A Look Back at 2014: October 2014

A Look back at 2014-October-

The Good Lie– I know Reese Witherspoon has had a few issues off screen, but in 2014 she did some exceptional work. Not only was she good in this movie as an employment counselor that helps Sudanese refugees, but she also did well the thought-provoking drama, Wild. She also played a detective’s missing girlfriend in Inherent Vice which is being released shortly.

Annabelle– The Conjuring (2013) was a pretty good ghost/horror movie. This spin-off was not. The creep factor mainly came from the doll looking creepy. This movie suffers from a lot of what makes horror movies the lowest genre in film these days. Bad acting, bad writing, not very engaging (or scary in this case)

Gone Girl – Directed by David Fincher and Starring Ben Affleck, Tyler Perry, and Neil Patrick Harris, this movie was a superb drama/thriller. It’s about a husband who initially is thought to be innocent in the case of his wife’s disappearance, but as the film goes on the audience starts to realize he may not be so innocent. The unsettling feeling sits in the air as you watch the film not completely certain what will happen next.

Nightcrawler– Jake Gyllenhaal hasn’t always impressed me with his acting talent, but I think his best performance to date is him playing Louis Bloom in this movie. (Close second- Detective Loki in Prisoners)

Left Behind– Poor Nicholas Cage- apparently he was left behind by this movie. Like he was the only one that almost cared.

Addicted– Sometimes a film is just bad. Like this one.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day– I have nothing particularly bad to say about this movie. It was a family friendly movie starring Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner. It’s not bad, but it’s not original all that much and the humor misses a lot if you are above the age of ten.

The Book of Life– This movie was eccentric and I really liked it. I thought it wasn’t properly advertised however. I went in and saw a very different movie then what I expected, but it was still delightful. The artistic style of the animation was appreciated, the more original songs were beautiful, and Channing Tatum was extremely funny in this movie.
Dracula Untold– Horror is something that I believe almost everyone thinks they can do, but few can do right. This movie had some nice action sequences, but was very predictable. Fair to say they blew the opportunity with this film. Still, Luke Evans as Dracula wasn’t awful.

The Judge– I really liked this movie. The overall cast was excellent, but the combination of Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall was unmatched.

Kill the Messenger -There were quite a few good movies that weren’t really drawing in the audiences. I feel this movie was one worth seeing, but had little fanfare to it and many people passed. It has a good cast and sheds light on a dark part of history.

John Wick– I heard it was one of Keanu Reeves best work and yet I refused to see it because of one scene with a dog. I did receive a detailed report on the film by several trusted sources and they told me Reeves was great, the style and pace of the movie was cool. It wasn’t particularly original, but it knew exactly what it was and was fun for it.

Ouiji-I could make a scarier film than this. I dislike when I go to movies and see that I with no real experience could make a better movie.

Birdman– This one started in very limited release but slowly the numbers of theaters showing it grew. Michael Keaton and Edward Norton were amazing in this black comedy/drama about a washed up actor who once played a legendary superhero. I think this movie will get better in time as we see some of the big stars in the superhero movie business of today start to fade


5 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2014: October 2014

  1. You nailed it about Kill the Messenger. It’s a great film, with one of Jeremy Renner’s best performances. There has been some shady/semi-scary business around the promotion though (or complete lack thereof). As a result, the audience has had to make the fanfare:


    I really hope you and everyone gets a chance to see it. It is way too important to let slip through the cracks, and also way too good to fall so far under the radar.


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