First Annual Drewsoph Awards

The Drewsoph Movie Awards.

At the end of every year I want to give the movies and actors accolades for their work during that year. Especially since most of the academy seems to ignore great science fiction/fantasy/adventure/action work because I’m guessing they thing it’s beneath them.  I don’t adhere to that way of thinking.  All movies should be celebrated and if deserving should win awards.

I can’t share all my awards just yet since there are several movies that could add new nominations to certain categories. However, a few categories are set and here are my picks.
Best Animated Film

Gold- How to Train Your Dragons 2- Dreamworks Animation
Silver-Big Hero 6  Walt Disney Animation Studios
Bronze-The Boxtrolls-  Laika Entertainment

Honorable Mentions –
The Lego Movie- Warner Brothers
Penguins of Madagascar- Dreamworks Animation
The Book of Life- Reel FX Animation Studios

The fact is that Superhero movies are going to be big movie events for the next five years and likely longer . There will soon be so many that I believe they should get their own category.

Best Superhero Movie
Gold- Captain America: The Winter Soldier- Marvel/Disney
Silver-Guardians of the Galaxy- Marvel/Disney
Bronze-X-Men: Days of Future Past- Twentieth Century Fox- Marvel Comics


What are your picks in these categories?



3 thoughts on “First Annual Drewsoph Awards

  1. I 100% agree with your Superhero breakdown. I thoroughly did not like the first Captain America but I thought the sequel was one of the best of the year! It was intense, dramatic, funny and had a real heart.

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