2015- The Year of the Movie! (Part 1)

2015- The Year of the Movie

The year 2015 will be an epic movie event or so I believe. It will be the biggest box office movie year in the history of cinema and smash records again and again. Perhaps more impressive is that the overall quality of the movies could rival some of the greatest years in movie history. (Like the year that was 1939- https://andrewthemovieguy714.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/this-year-in-movies-1939-the-greatest-ever/) While we won’t know the quality of these films until around this time next year, but I believe we are about to experience something special. The franchises, the major studio productions, and the collaboration of great acting and great directing all in one year. Are you ready for a wild cinematic ride? I know I am.

A Word on Franchises
I’m not always a fan of franchises. I’d rather see new ideas and stories be presented over something I’ve basically seen many times before. Movies where new actors, new directors, and new writers get their chance to shine. (Thank goodness for indie-films and the like for providing that much-needed outlet.)
However, I think some movies are worth a franchise tag and 2015 a lot of those names are getting big releases. Avengers, Star Wars, Jurassic World, Fast and Furious, Mad Max, James Bond, and Terminator are just a few of the many franchises with movies coming out next year.

Over the next several weeks and into 2015 I will be highlighting some of the most anticipated movies of the year.


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