A Look Back at 2014- August

Get On Up-Chadwick Boseman is a great actor. He did very well playing Jackie Robinson in the movie 42 (2013) and did another solid job as the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. If you are interested in the man and the music, then this is a worthwhile view. If you appreciate some good acting, you may also enjoy this one.
    The Expendables 3– The Expendables (2011) was all sorts of stupid action cheese. Sylvester Stallone may have put it all together with this ragged team of older if not legendary action heroes of yesteryear, but Jason Statham stole the movie.  The Expendables 2 (2012) was considerably better action packed cheese. Jean Claude Van Damme really made that movie better. I also loved the final act of the film.  So when I heard about this film I said, let this be the last one they do and I hope it’s awesome.  After seeing it, I’m really hoping it is the last they do and it wasn’t that awesome (at all). They wasted some good talent and kinda soiled the very reason that made the first movies fun. I wanted to see old guys from the 1980’s kicking butt and I didn’t get a lot of that and Antonio Bandaras….I like him, but not in this movie. He was just annoying.

    The Giver-As a child, I loved the book. I was unsure if it would turn up okay as a movie in this day and agee.  I also love me some wily western Jeff Bridges.What I got was a whole lot of Meh (It‘s a word, check Webster!) It wasn’t awful, but it certainly wasn’t memorable.

 Into the Storm– Some movies should just…..not exist. I command this movie to disappear from existence..1,2,3, *poof”* and it’s gone. The world is a slightly better place for it too.  This movie was so bad that in a hundred years copies of this movie may be used in the 15 remake of The Ring (2002) (Which as you likely know was a remake of a Japanese horror film)
Let’s Be Cops– Stupid comedy. It’s stupid and meant for a certain audience. It didn’t impress me overall. I wanted so much more! However, it was just another bland comedy of 2014. A lot of those this year.
Sin City; A Dame to Kill For– Not as good as the original, but still pretty good. It’s very hard to capture the appeal of the first one. (Honestly, I don‘t love Sin City. It‘s another one of those movies I can appreciate the quality within it, but it never would reach my favorites list.)
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles– This movie didn’t suck, but it had potential to be so much more. I was dreading the Michael Bay effect on this movie and sure enough it was there (his powers of ruining a film go beyond directing). Thankfully, it wasn’t completely awful.  I thought Master Splinter was a jerk, but not a wise jerk.  Leonardo never really led, Donatello was okay, but still a bit tooo smart for his own good.  Raphael was cool for much of the film, but suddenly went all whiny near the end.  Michelangelo was nailed perfectly. I liked the dynamics of these mutant brothers.  Shredder and company was kind of weak (personality wise only) and uninspired. It’s was, “Oh look what Michael Bay did to Shredder. UGH Why!”  Megan Fox actually didn’t irk me as April O’Neill. I thought she did alright, Then the movie annoyed by trying to turn her okay job into “Hey, isn’t she hot? Megan Fox is hot. Oh look, she is so hot.” I get it, she is beautiful, but she actually did okay so I’m going to respect her not tanking instead of her being good looking.

    Guardians of the Galaxy–  I loved this movie. It’s going to be on my list of favorite  movies of this rather slow year(though it’d hit my favorites in a big year most likely). It was funny, it was beautiful, and had plenty of action.  It was this wild ride that had so many great little parts in.  Marvel has it’s dark moments, and it looks like much more is coming, but this was just a feel good movie, Often times I worry about heavy CGI use, but when it’s done well, it shines.  I’ll say that some of the characters weren’t fleshed out as well as they could be, but I loved Star Lord played by Chris Pratt. He did everything right for this film and I respect it.  Also, congrats to Zoe Saldana on being awesome too.

What was your favorite August Movie?

Did I forget one you wanted me to mention?


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