My Favorite Movies of the 1930’s

My Favorites Movies of the 1930’s.
Some people will likely say. “How is (insert movie here) not a favorite of yours? Or how come (said movie) isn’t higher on your list.  Everyone is going to have movies they like more than others. That is their call, but this here is mine.  I’m not ranking them because I think that’s unfair.  I may rank movies by genre, but not overall.  I will say those closer to the top are favored a bit more than those towards the bottom. Let me know what you think.

Animal Crackers- I love the Marx Brothers- Groucho Marx has brilliant one liners.

Bringing Up Baby- Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant are a marvelous duo.

Frankenstein- Boris Karloff plays Frankenstein’s Monster, but you feel for him. I always look at the villagers as the more monstrous figures in this film.

King Kong- For it’s time it is an action/adventure masterpiece.
Duck Soup- Marx Brothers  always make me laugh.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- a great start for Disney. The animation was top-notch.

Wizard of Oz- Not only is it well done, but there is so much we can learn from this film.

Day at the Races- Marx Brothers- Like I said I really love them/

Gone With the Wind- The quality and color is striking. A remarkable albeit immensely long movie.

Scarface- a crime film I enjoyed. I didn’t care for the humor, but the story was solid.

Horse Feathers – Marx Brothers again!

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington- Great story with great acting.

Little Caesar- Another really good crime film. Edward G. Robinson does a very good job.

What is your favorite 1930’s film?


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Movies of the 1930’s

  1. Nice breakdown of some great films. I would also throw in Freaks. Just a classic, really creepy film. I personally think City Lights is a must see. It is not only my favorite Chaplin film but my favorite silent film as well. It is the Mount Everest of Chaplin’s work and a probably my favorite movie ending of all-time.

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    • Freaks is a unique movie. I like it, but it just missed my list. As for City Lights, you like that one more than me. I like Charlie Chaplin in small doses, but sometimes I don’t have the patience. Thank you as always for your input though. You clearly know movies and I thank you for following me.


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