WILDsound’s Top 20 Robin Williams Movies.

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

On August 11th I was walking home from a meeting and started texting a friend of mine. We were joking around, taking shots at each other, usual guy stuff, when he all of a sudden got serious in his next text.

“Robin William just died.” The guy was brilliant.”

“Not in Patch Adams.” I replied like the arse I can be at times. I really didn’t believe that he was dead and I was still in joke mode. But then I felt like a douche later on when I got home, looked online and realized he was indeed dead.

“Damn.” “Robin Williams died.” “He was brilliant.”

Perhaps Robin would have liked my smart ass comment. After all, his main job in life was being a comic and always attempting to tread that line of comedy and insensitivity. The closer he got to the line without crossing usually lead to the biggest…

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