Movies releases for 11/21/14

Movie Releases 11/21/14

The Hunger Games- Mockingjay Part one– I never really understood this series and I’ve tried to watch it multiple times. It doesn’t draw me in. The first one reminded me of a Japanese film called Battle Royale (2000). The second took a leap in the right direction. Now we have the final book which is now cut into two parts for various reasons. (I wonder if money is a big reason for that?  Yes, it is!)  Everything about this film looks like it is going to take this franchise to the next level and I like that.  The biggest issue about cutting a book into two movies is that you will have parts of a movie that are going to drag on. It is also going to leave you hanging for a while too (For a whole year) which is kind of painful.  Really, the movie should be part one and part two watched back to back. Jennifer Lawrence is a wonderful young actor and she plays this role perfectly. I think it is the movie to watch this week if you are into the series. For half of the story, it looks pretty darn good.  IMDB- 7.6

The Theory of Everything– It was actually released earlier this month, but it is now expanding to other theaters.  It’s a love story about the famed physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife.  I hear it is very well done and beautifully acted. I have a rough time with romances, but those grounded in reality and facing legitimate troubles (Other than being a teenager. Oh my, nothing is as wretched as having both love and puberty) are often the best. If you want something that is grounded and touching, I recommend this one if you can find it.  IMDB- 7.9


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