Movies of April 2014- A Look Back


Draft Day– I don’t find the NFL draft particularly exciting. I may watch on and off in the first round, but after that I’m done. I can’t imagine a movie about it be very exciting either. The acting is pretty good, and it has its moments that are interesting, but they don’t make the movie worth it overall.

Captain America- The Winter Soldier – I love Superhero movies. I don’t care who made who (DC or Marvel) so much as I care about whether the movie is good or not. What makes a good superhero movie in my eyes?
Number 1- have a strong lead character. Captain America played by Chris Evans has a strong personality; he has a set of beliefs and he is willing to fight for them. Captain America to me represents the glory of America in it finest moments and I feel that Marvel has done well in presenting that on the big screen.
Number 2-Give me a good villain. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, I won’t spoil much for you. The Winter Soldier is a villain, he has super strength and much of the abilities and training that Captain America has. There are other villains in this; the combination make this movie a step above others. It’s not just a superhero movie, but a political/ideological thriller. You can see both points and where they will lead to one way or another.
Number 3- I want crisp action scenes that doesn’t seem completely redundant. Captain America has a style of fighting that makes his action scenes unique. He uses his shield a lot more in this movie (quite awesome when he does) and the man vs. man combat of Captain America vs. the Winter Soldier is amazing. Black Widow has a big role in this movie and they introduce the Falcon. Both those characters have their strengths and weaknesses exposed, but you enjoy the ride in the process
Number 4- Give me a story that I can follow. I want something that keeps me interested and moves at a steady pace. Don’t make it too convoluted, don’t make it too simple. There is a fine line to make things just right and this movie nails it in my opinion.
Back to my talk about the movie.
Captain America 2 takes off soon after where the Avengers left off and escalates everything. Suddenly, this movie is the most pivotal of phase 2 and it draws some real world implications into it. I really like that aspect of social commentary. The action is nice, the acting is solid. If you like superhero movies, you walk into this movie with some expectations and I would say for many, they were very pleased with what they got. I heard the least amount of complaining from this movie. (Iron Man 3 may move up a lot of lists if Marvel does what I think they are going to do…and rumor suggest they are.)
Transcendence– The question is this. Do we give credit to a movie for trying to break new ground, or changing the movie landscape, but not entirely succeeding? Transcendence puts forth good effort to make a different kind of movie. I will reward the effort to a point, but not to the level that I’ll call it a great movie. There are a lot of holes in this movie, the pacing a bit off and really drags. The acting is of quality, but good acting alone can’t save a movie. You can do a lot worse than Transcendence, but you also do better.

Rio 2– Rio was just alright I thought. Young kids this year really got screwed. Godzilla wasn’t for them, neither was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Boxtrolls, good movies that leave emotional/mental scars on the little ones. Big Hero 6 and Book of Life, both good movies, but a little heavy for the younger crowd. Basically, those young kids aged 4-8 let’s say had The Lego Movie and Rio 2. Rio 2 was okay from a critical standpoint, much like its predecessor, but It made a lot of money and kids need movies to. I expect a third one in a couple of years.

Heaven is For Real–  Again, getting these Christian themed films and they aren’t that good. I think if you are a hardcore Christian who can look at it solely from the POV of a religious film, you probably will like it. I’m speaking from purely an extensive movie based background. I think you can pass on this movie.

The Other Woman– This movie is not at all created for me. I’m not its main demographic it is trying to pull in. Therefore, I can’t really connect with much of it. I’m not going to bash it because I don’t think it was terrible. However, I won’t say that it was great and really broke new ground in the genre. It just is.

Brick Mansions- Thank goodness for the coming of Fast and Furious 7 (Furious 7) or else I’d have to tell you that Paul Walker’s final movie was garbage.
What was your favorite movie from April 2014?


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