We Have Our Dr. Strange and More Avengers 2 News.

Benedict Cumberbatch is Dr. Strange. I find it to be a good fit for that character. For starters, I love Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock. It’s my favorite interpretation of the character.

There is also rumors that the Avengers lineup will be altered by the end of Avengers 2; Age of Ultron (2015). This makes sense though because they want to bring in more characters like Ant Man and Dr. Strange among others.  I like the current lineup a lot, but I also want them to go out before it gets overdone.  I believe that three movies is more than enough for each character.  If they wish to be a part of future Avengers movies, that is fine.

What are your thoughts on Cumberbatch playing Dr. Strange?

What would you like the Avengers lineup to be for Avengers 3?

I’ve not talked about DC Universe much, but there are talks of trailers coming on in December and more news to follow. I will discuss both in the future to be fair since I’m aware people like to pick sides on this matter.


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