American Werewolf in London and my top five werewolf films of all time.

American Werewolf in London (1981) is yet another werewolf classic and it was directed by John Landis (Animal House, Blues Brothers) which probably explains its quirky humor.  American Werewolf in London has maybe the best transformation scene from man to werewolf that I’ve ever seen. It’s creepy and painful to watch, I feel the character going through it.  Despite the random humor throughout the film, there is a lot of tragedy as well. Plenty of death and carnage to go around.

There are so many werewolf films and there are parts of all of them that I can enjoy, but everyone has their favorites and I’m no different.  Here are my top five favorite werewolf films of all time in no particular order. (It changes time to time.)

1 Dog Soldiers (2002)- it’s a grisly new take on the werewolf genre. Complete with plenty of action, decent acting, and lots of crazy looking werewolves that are still the stuff of nightmares.

2 Cursed (2005)- It’s not the best werewolf movie ever, but it has so many fun elements. Wes Craven, in my honest opinion has lost some of his edge in the last two decades, but he shines with his humor on many occasions. The curse of the beast idea is a neat one and I feel the actors work well with the silly premise they are given.  It won’t win awards, but It knows what it is; a fun, but legit werewolf film.

3 The Howling (1981)- I love the story and setting of this werewolf movie. It has a twist on the traditional werewolf style. There are some 1980’s campy humor to it, but even today it’s still a pretty creep werewolf movie.

4 American Werewolf in London (1981)- Has the best transformation scene I’ve ever seen. A good mix of dark humor and tragedy. Worth watching if you are talking about werewolf movies.

5 The Wolf Man (1941) Among the first werewolf movies ever and still among the better ones.  The way the film is directed is exceptional for its time. They didn’t have much FX, but they had creative teams that used music, setting, and makeup/costumes to the best of their ability. I respect this movie and should it come on during October, I will be watching.

Honorable mentions

Wolf– (1994)

Underworld– (2003)


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