Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary’s Baby (1968) is a horror classic directed by Roman Polanski.  Polanski knows how to bring out dread little by little; he gives you just enough that you are satisfied, but often want more. This is perfectly shown within Rosemary’s Baby where nothing happens at once, but it builds to something greater and ultimately a terrifying thought for a conclusion.  I don’t always get some of the subtlety of movies like this, but I acknowledge and respect the quality.

I may have my set of opinions and sometimes they are very strong, but I value the opinions and views of others. Even if I hate a movie that you love. If you can tell me what you like about it, then I’ll respect it.  Recently, someone else on twitter followed and liked some of things I was saying and I found out they had quite a few interesting movie reviews themselves.

So I present you with a second look at Rosemary’s Baby which i believe you can still find on Netflix if you have it. Check this link out for more info-


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