Opening Movies 10/24/14

John Wick- Another movie about a guy with a dark and violent past who tries to stay on a peaceful and loving course. Then some jerks/gangsters/kidnappers find a way to rile him up enough for him to pull a one man vs. the world situation.  Normally the bad guys are no match for this one man. We’ve seen it all before, but this movie has been getting good reviews so far. I’m not convinced.  I have a bias towards this film because they show the dog being killed in the trailer and likely in the movie. I immediately decided that as neat as this film could be, I wouldn’t be able to watch it in theaters.  Story is Keanu Reeves does a good job, so  if you like these kinds of movies then it’s worth your time.

Ouija- This whole month I’ve been talking about horror. Most of them have been before the 1990’s and with good reason.  If you are a die hard horror fan, then you will go see this movie and may enjoy it.  If you are anyone else, then  go watch The Judge, Book of Life, Gone Girl, or just about anything else other than this movie.


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