Movie Rewind: The Mummy (1932)


The Mummy (1932)

Genre:Fantasy, Horror, Romance

Starring:  Boris Karloff

The Mummy is about Imhotep, a mummy which has come back to life in “present day” and believes that the beautiful Helen Grosvenor is his reincarnated love.

The Mummy isn’t my favorite Universal Monster film, but I do love seeing Boris Karloff in almost anything. He is the single most valuable aspect of this movie even today.

The movie has this slow pace that I simply can’t stand.  Again, there are romantic elements to the film which slow it down. (I’m not big on romance as a genre.) Still, the initial scene when Imhotep awakes is incredible.  It is simple, yet effective and quite creepy.

While The Mummy may not be my favorite film of the Universal Monsters, there is still value in Karloff’s acting and some of the good scenes scattered throughout the film.  If you are looking to appreciate films in history (especially fantasy and horror) then I think you need to watch The Mummy at least once in your life.





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