Psycho (1960)
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring: Janet Leigh, Martin Balsam

This slasher film is directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. Some may be stunned to find that I’m not always in love with Hitchcock films.  Of course they are dated by no fault but time, but not all have aged as fondly as one would hope (like milk on hot summer day). His pacing can be sluggish for my taste as well.  However, Psycho remains one of my favorites.

You can’t deny his incredible talents, he did things that nobody else at the time would dare try.  That alone makes me respect Hitchcock. Psycho was the first film to have a toilet flush (scandalous) and his use of music and filming was perfect.  You watch his films and your imagination does most of the work. Hitchcock simply guides you towards a conclusion, but he doesn’t show anything.  (Huzzah for imagination….i guess).

Considering the longevity and consistency of his work, few will ever equal his resume.

Psycho was a game changer in suspense/horror. If it didn’t create the slasher film, then it modernized it to an artform. This movie has great acting performances, a brilliant script, beautiful cinematography, and an iconic score.

Almost every slasher film since has some inspiration originating with this film.(Including my favorite, Halloween (1978)) The more controversial moments in this film (minus the toilets) are still paid tribute in films today.

A lot of people didn’t want him to make this film, but he was determined to change his style and be bold.  Despite all the scrutiny and hate, there were those who saw the masterpiece for what it was. That is why decades later, not only does it get copied often, but it remains among the best thriller/horror movies of all time.


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