Fury Review- (not by me) and my take on war films.

As I’ve mentioned before, not a big fan of war films. During my college years I earned a degree in history. Much of that history degree focused on World War One and World War Two. Two of the most violent and bloody wars in the history of mankind. I saw and read about so many horrific events and atrocities.  History to me is fascinating, but it’s also very dark and disturbing thanks to war. I know that war is hell and I would never want to experience one. War films tend to have a lot of graphic and realistic violence (shocking) and I don’t need to see it. It brings me no joy or interest to see any part of it.

The other reason I dislike war films is because  they take the stance that war is glorious and honorable. That it is a place where men are made into legends and heroes are born.  I don’t like that mentality towards war because I don’t consider it true.

Anyways, now you understand my reason for not being excited about war movies.  Especially when they are based on true accounts and are likely exaggerated or altered to make a Hollywood film.

Here is another review from one of my favorite online critics, Jeremy Jahns. This time he watched Fury

If you watch and enjoy war films. Why do you watch them?

Who are some of your favorite critics be they online or elsewhere?

If you watched Fury, feel free to tell me your thoughts on the movie.


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