Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th (1980) is another classic horror movie from the 1980s. As were many slasher films in the the 1980s, it was inspired by John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978). Friday the 13th   is about a killer stalking and slaughtering at Camp Crystal Lake years after a tragic drowning accident of a young boy named Jason. The accident was largely due to negligent camp counselors so naturally anyone resembling that is in deep trouble.  I believe the original is by far the best of these films and that the franchise really got carried away.  I think many of the sequels qualify as 1980s and 1990s cheese as in nothing too serious about any of them at all.

Then you eventually had Freddy vs Jason(2003) which was a very neat concept and I thought they started it the right way, but it faltered overall. The fight scenes between Freddy and Jason were pretty cool, but this movie had so much more potential to be a great horror flick.  Since they are already rebooting things from the late 90s and early 2000s then maybe they can redo this and do it the right way….though I’m unsure if that is possible.


Freddy or Jason? Which do you prefer?


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