Rewind: The 1970’s- Young Frankenstein


Young Frankenstein (1974)

Genre: Comedy,

Director: Mel Brooks

Starring: Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Peter Boyle, and Teri Garr.

This movie is one I always have to watch in October.  When I was younger I heard that it was funny, but I watched it and didn’t enjoy it.  I wouldn’t like this movie until I was in my late teens. When I watched it those years later I fell in love with it. (Same story for Airplane (1980).)  Mel Brooks loved to do things a bit differently than most others and that’s why I enjoyed much of his work, he took risks and they paid off. Sadly, a lot of his style can’t be used anymore due the desire to be politically correct. (In most cases, I’m fine with being PC, but there are times it goes too far.) Perhaps that is a blessing because it means most of his movies won’t be getting remakes. Do we really need Spaceballs 2; The Search for More Money? Of course we do. . Anyways, i recommend you watch this movie especially if you watched it once when you were younger and “didn’t get it.”

What is your favorite Mel Brooks film?


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