The Wolf Man (1941)


The Wolf Man (1941)

Genre: Horror Fantasy, Drama

Starring Lon Chaney Jr and Claude Rains.

I won’t call this a forgotten film, but I don’t feel it gets the same affection as Dracula (1931) and Frankenstein (1931). Granted Lugosi and Karloff are much better actors than Lon Chaney Jr, but this is still a good film.

Even though the majority of werewolf films are terrible, I still love them.  I guess they speak to the animal inside us all. This Universal classic is a favorite and among the better of this sub-genre of horror.  Lon Chaney Jr. may never reach his father (Lon Chaney Sr.) great status, but he does a decent job in this role.

If you are watching the Universal Monsters this October (or any other month), please make sure you include this one.

The first times I watched it when I teenager, I didn’t really care for it.  However, when I went back and really began to understand movies in a new light. I came back to this film and really enjoyed it. The transformation scenes for its time are some of the best. There is plenty of creepy scenery, a protagonist who is also the tragic antagonist, a very unique curse.

Sure, this may not have the blood and gore of present werewolf films, but it does have plenty of tragedy and creepiness scattered throughout.


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