31 Days of Horror: Frankenstein (1931)


Frankenstein (1931)

Genre:  Horror, Sci-Fi

Director: James Whale

Starring: Boris Karloff

 Frankenstein (1931) is a classic Universal Monster horror movie starring Boris Karloff.  Karloff was an amazing actor who did a lot more than you may have realized.  He was well read, loved intellectual conversation, and did many things to help children.  He was a solid actor and a beautiful man overall.

Frankenstein was his breakout role even though he played a Frankenstein’s monster with no real dialog.  This movie deviates greatly from the original novel by Mary Shelley. (A novel I think everyone should read at least once.)  However, I still enjoy what Whale did with the movie version. The film is exceptionally well done, making use of Tesla coils and other interesting electrical devices.

If you compare the overall production value to others of 1931, you will see that  Frankenstein is the superior film in almost every category.    For some, this black and white version is too dated, but for me it will always hold a special place.  It was truly ahead of its time and a beautifully made horror movie that sparked the career of a wonderful actor.

I think Frankenstein’s Monster is more victim than villain despite what trailers and the general public would believe. It doesn’t come out as clearly in this film, but the elements are indeed there.






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