Rinse and Repeat

I believe that these days we have an opportunity to enter a new golden age in film. We have the talent and depth in the acting and directing pool to do it.  However, there are always issues that may fetter this dream of a great age in movies.  In the mainstream movie culture, studios have become addicted to franchises and trilogies. From a business point of view, I get it. It’s easier to put money into a project that has a history of success rather then venture into new territory unknown of what the future will hold for it.  I believe however that a good movie with a solid script will not only make money, but also earn the respect it should.

“Taken” (2008) starring Liam Neeson was a pretty cool. It wasn’t original at all, but it had some nice action sequences, great one liners, and one amazing speech.  Seems that a lot of studios picked up rights to make similar movies to leech off its success.  You know the ones I’m talking about. The old tough guy who lived his violent life, but now just wants to finish off his days in peace with his family and friends.   Someone kills or kidnaps family members or wrong’s somebody they care about and suddenly they are a one man demolition crew taking our all sorts of seedy figures and organizations.    You could watch “Taken” again, or maybe “Taken 2″(2012) although I wouldn’t.  You could go see “The Equalizer”(2014) in theaters right now. I love and respect Denzel Washington. I’m sure he does a great job as that badass character, but I’ve certainly seen it before. Keanu Reeves is coming back as “John Wick” (2014) in October. I’ll admit that the trailer looked pretty cool (though I think the dog should have been kidnapped not killed).  If you don’t want to see than then you can wait till January and watch Taken 3….sorry, I meant “Tak3n”(2015) where Liam Neeson is back to kick butt and take names.


What can be done about all this madness?

The answer is nothing, unless you are a studio executive or owner.   Franchises’ and tired rehashed material will always find a home in American movies.  It looks cool for a lot of people. Especially for those with short memories, and a fair amount of them make considerable money.  Not every movie is going to be that profound, life-changing  event that should win seven Oscars.  Some movies are made to be mindless fun (See  Transformers franchise)  So, when looking at the movie industry of today for what I earlier said could be  a potential golden age. You will have to throw out some movies that are just made to be fun/gory/action-packed, eye candy, and then look at what you have left.

Do you believe we are in a time of great potential for movies?

If you could have been around for any age/decade in movies as it happened, which would it have been?

Any overly done piece of fun kind of movie out there that you’re looking forward to?



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