Cary Grant

A quick one about the late great Cary Grant. I love a lot of Cary Grant movies.  While Cary Grant could play serious roles, most of my favorites were his comedies. Although, I will say that his serious roles while working with Alfred Hitchcock were impressive.

My favorite Cary Grant movie ever has to be “Arsenic and Old Lace” (1944), To me, that is the funniest movie from the 1940’s and I wouldn’t be shocked if it hit my top ten favorite comedies ever.

However, it was in the 1930’s where Grant would establish himself as a serious movie star.

Some of his finest included:

“Topper” (1937)

“The Awful Truth” (1937)

He also teamed up with the amazing Katherine Hepburn on several classic films. I think my favorite movie with the two of them is “Bringing Up, Baby” (1938).  although “Holiday” 1938 is pretty good as well.

He also starred in “Gunga Din” (1939)- a war movie.  “Only Angels Have Wings (1939)- An Adventure/Drama, and “In Name Only”(1939) a romance. Proving that Cary Grant could be very versatile.

If you have appreciation for classic films then I hope you’ll check of these I’ve listed.  Comedy is very tricky, but his movies have stood the test of time and are still funny today.  That’s worth noting.

What is your favorite Cary Grant film?

Who was the funniest actor of the 1930’s?


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