I didn’t get much sleep last night. Wound up with some nasty insomnia, but after some rest and a nap I decided it was the perfect time to talk about “Insomnia”(2002).

“Insomnia” is directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Al Pacino, Hillary Swank, and Robin Williams (RIP Robin). Yeah, it’s pretty darn good.  The performances in this movie are excellent. As he normally does, Al Pacino shines in this movie. His borderline psychotic detective combines perfectly with the strange setting in Alaska where the sun never seems to go down.  Robin Williams does a solid job too.

I don’t always enjoy crime films. Sometimes they are just too unpleasant to watch, but this one worked for me. The acting was often good to great, the setting was interesting, and you know the overall quality of the film is going to be above average with Nolan behind it.

Overall, if you like Crime/Mystery films, then this is probably your kind of movie?

What is your favorite serious Robin Willaims performance?
Favorite modern crime film?


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