The Breadwinner


The Breadwinner (2017)

Released: November 17, 2017

Genre: Animation, Drama, Family

Open Thoughts:

This is a unique animated film as it discusses real-world situations and the horrors inflicted on a group of people. Especially in the west, we are not so familiar in seeing Middle Eastern culture and people as what they are, culture and people. This film talks about the terrible blight of extremism and how it has crushed the creative beauty of a once prosperous culture. Although it has been crushed, that culture still yearns to come back to life fervently.


Honestly, there are times I was really bored when watching this film. I think there is an unevenness to the pace.


The film is short on weaknesses, but heavy on strengths even if they may be difficult to see even in the animated format.

It exposes the cruelties of living under the Taliban and really extremism in general. How war and emotion have traumatized generations of Afghanis. Including the terrible mistreatment of women.

It shows that there history of Afghan culture filled with music, art, and life. All of which still exists and yearns to be truly free again.

The animation quality is unique and outstanding. The use of colors, the incredible backgrounds, and motion of characters. The decisions made to create a troubling, but artistic film.

Another aspect of the film that brings this film to the next level is its beautiful musical score.

There is a line in this film “It is the rain that makes the flowers grow, not thunder.” It struck me in such a profound way. What a beautiful and mature sentiment in this film.


This movie highlights that danger of religious zealotry while focusing on one religion, all can take notice. As all beliefs have the ability to corrupt and destroy even in the most heinous of fashions. This film exposes realities that can be hard to watch, but it is important that we understand the true history of other cultures. How they have been affected by both western and local extremists. It is a film that also offers some hope and a lesson for all. We can beat back the truth, beauty, and love all we want, but it never goes away.  It has an exquisite soundtrack and incredible animation. Perhaps a bit slow moving for my taste, but still an exceptional piece of animation.


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