Kings of Animation (TV) Family Guy


“Family Guy”

Season One: Episode Five

“A Hero Sits Next Door”

Air Date: May 2nd 1999


Peter is playing softball for his toy company when the star player gets hurt. Peter risks losing his job if he doesn’t find a suitable replacement. Turns out his new neighbor Joe Swanson (Voiced by Patrick Warburton) is quite the athlete, but with a catch.

Things I loved:

This episode introduces Joe Swanson and his family. (Bonnie,and Patrick)

Seth Marlane has always been one to push limits. His humor can certainly be off putting if you have fragile sensibilities and this episode is no exception.  The humor is absurd, loaded with blatant pop culture references, and some blue comedy as well.

Minor spoiler- the episode also touches on the physically handicapped and their place in society. It could have drawn more upon it, but it was interesting to see it even mentioned.

This episode is loaded with jokes, introduces several never recurring characters, and push the comedy boundaries to new limits. (Though it is possible South Park beat them in several regards. )

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