DC Debacle


Superman Returns (2006) There is nothing inherently terrible about this film. It has some very nice visuals, sets, and writing. It brings back some of the campy nature of the original film. There are several decent performances within.  However, the issue is the film sticks much too familiar to the original Superman film. Again, we have Lex Luthor as the villain and he is hatching a similar plot as he did in the original. We’ve seen it all before.  At its core, it’s not a terrible film, but it’s missing the heart and charisma many people desire in a Superman character and film.


The Green Lantern (2011) Give a DC character with tons of source material a large budget, talented cast (Angela Bassett, Ryan Reynolds, Peter Skarsgard, and Mark Strong), and prime time to launch the DC universe of the film. What could go wrong?  Out of the gate, a lot went terribly.  From the overuse of CGI that simply wasn’t up to par to terrible character designs, and even worse scriptwriting.  There is some humor that works, and for what it was, the cast makes the film almost watchable (almost). It wasn’t the right venture for Ryan Reynolds.


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